Happy Animals

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Who doesn’t love animals? I (Matthias) think part of the reason zoo’s exist is because it is so much fun to watch animals. They bring such joy and wonderment to me, and probably, to many of you all too. Like this guy:

Joy! That is one happy dog, and I bet just looking at this picture would make even the crustiest, meanest person crack a little smile.

Wonder, that’s the other part. A sense of amazement at how beautiful, smart, cool, or interesting different animals are. Sometimes this includes realizing how little we know about the animal life and activity. For example, the “critter cam,” where they actually attach a camera to an animal in order to observe what it does away from people in the wild. I mean, who knew that sea lions sometimes eat octopi?

With all that said, here, for your joy and wonderment, are two awesome live feeds of animals just doing there thing:

1) Penguins! Hilarious to watch, and some of them are so fat. On the left side you can sometimes see penguins shoot up out of the water.

2) Pandas! As I wrote this, the panda was tossing and turning on the bed of bamboo, trying to get comfortable for an afternoon nap. This is from the San Diego Zoo, and of all the animal cams I surveyed, they have a bunch of other cool ones too. Their elephants one must have some one stationing it because it even moves to follow where the elephants go!

I could watch those for hours. I don’t have hours to spend, but definitely enough time to perk up my day.

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