Greetings from Wapato!

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

We are here in Wapato, WA and having a great time (with the exception of learning how frustrating it is to upload photos to our website – still a work in progress on the learning curve!). After two days of work we are definitely tired, but the group has a been great, we are all happy and healthy, and enjoying an afternoon of free time, resting before a hard day of work tomorrow followed by rafting.

As we are learning how to get some uploads done in a mobile way, you can take a look at my Facebook page for occasional mobile uploads on there… I think Brie will be posting some on her page as well.

For the moment know that it is sunny and 85 degrees – we hear is is not so pleasant at home!

We hope to post again before we leave, but we will be back on Sunday afternoon!