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As usual, we had quiet time of devotionals this morning, which the sophomore boys took pretty seriously!  

After quiet time, we left to do our service projects got our showers at the local gym and came back for dinner.
This was our cleanup crew for dinner: 

We had some free time after dinner and then a wonderful worship service. 
 Our own students and Colleen led the worship and Pastor Lauren Gully shared a thought about grace. It was beautifully tied to what’s going on here this week with regards to faith journeys and Jesus, and also about service projects.
Here’s a video during worship: 

[wpvideo G6rCpXeE] 
And here’s Pastor Gully: 
Service Project # 1 – Foster Home A
The team served at he home of a lady who needed help with painting, cleaning, weeding, installing fire alarms, new door knob, automatic door closer, built a planter, etc. The family is about to adopt another child, so our team helped them in prepping the home for the adoption inspectors.

Sam got creative about keeping his pants clean while painting a closet: 

Our team got to spend time playing with a foster baby 
The resident gave several otter pops, out of which Taylor enjoyed 16!! 
Eli is all set to remove a wasp nest from the backyard 
Service Project # 2 – Foster Home B
This was a continuation to yesterday’s project, wrapping up on painting, cleaning, gardening, laundry, etc. 


Service Project # 3 – One cup Coffee

The team helped to organize a 40 ft. trailer that will soon serve as a packing and distribution center for One Cup Coffee Company. Previously a strip club, this coffee shop is a non-profit organization that for every $12 bag of coffee you buy from them, $12 goes to fund social and economic change in Africa, with the help and expertise of their partner, World Vision. It was amazing to see God work through the students, as they were determined to accomplish and exceed the tasks given to them. Justin, the store manager was a breath of fresh air and a true testament to Christ’s love. 


Service Project # 4 – Boys & Girls Club

Two teams worked at this location – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

They pulled weeds out of the play area, raked bark and moved it to fill places where it was needed, organized couple of the closets by sorting through their balls and other stuff they had, organized file cabinets and other storage rooms, mowed their field where they’re going to have a huge party tomorrow, cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, etc. 


Service Project # 5 – Northgate Elementary School
Teams did a bunch of weeding from the cracks in two play grounds and against the walls. We also cleared the pathway. Students and adults used a lot of gardening tools including a weed whacker and leaf blower. We were told that more than 95% of the kids that come to this school are below the poverty line. They are strapped for funding and greatly appreciated our help in making the lives of their students better. 


Service Project # 6 – Random acts of kindness
One of the teams helped a family pack their home so they can move in the next two weeks. Contents of each room were packed into boxes and prepared to be moved into a truck. Kitchen was also cleaned. 

One of the other teams cleared out thorny brush from the yard of someone across the Church 
Yet another team scoured Anna’s yard for weeds. Anna is a 94 year old lady who grew up in a farm in Norway. She was a registered nurse in the U.S. for decades. She is currently a member of our host Church. She loved having us at her home and working so hard. She wanted to pay us when we finished. We told her we just wanted a hug. 
Fun – 
This is Colleen’s car, who drove around with hazards on, and a friend in tow, thanks to her nuggets 🙂 

It is important to stay moisturized after a shower 
This is a snail that Jenny thought she killed, but did not. She just painted it white. 
Michele and Alex took their students to Baskin & Robbins on the way back to the Church 

This was Alex’s first time using a leaf blower. He decided to try to cool off the girls after a hot day working in the sun. 
Ethan decided to climb a small tree during lunch break 
Fuzzy is exhausted! 
Tomorrow, one team is going to help at the food bank while everyone else will be at the Boys & Girls club helping with their party.
It will also be the last service day tomorrow.

While we have a lot of service projects, kids are also progressing along in their faith journeys. There are several conversations going around regarding faith among students themselves, or with Keris, Allison, Lauren or any of the advisors.
Please continue to uphold all students and adults in your prayers.

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