Good byes are never easy…. (LONG POST!)

by lopc

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Today was a busy and long day. We decided to go on a hike at 5.30 this morning to watch the sunrise. It was cool at that time because it had just rained. About 45 of us woke up that early to hike part of a mountain. Even though we actually didn’t see the sunrise because it was overcast, one of our leaders Brandt Andersson shared his testimony with us. following which we had quiet time before we hiked back down.

01-hike 02-hike 03-hike

We spent most of the morning cleaning up and packing. Wehung Murals and finished up on the tree house as well.

Mural2 Mural1 Tree

Then we went to hang out with the COF kids

Kids3 Kids2 Kids1

Yesterday, LOPC adult advisors washed the feet of LOPC kids. Today, LOPC youth and adults washed the feet of COF kids and they washed our feet in return. We explained to the COF kids the reason why Jesus washed His disciples feet and to show that we’re all same in God’s sight.

Feet1 Feet2 Feet3 10553457_10204216976135089_9092632665459025491_n 10599215_10204216968294893_1966047571126129706_n

Rosie and Anand had arranged for an actual stage for our talent night. It was wonderful to see a fusion of Indian and American talents in various forms – singing, dancing, light shows, fireworks, etc.

Prog1 Prog2 Prog3 Prog4 Prog5 Prog6 Prog7 Prog8 Prog9 Prog10 Prog11 Prog12 Prog13 Prog14 Prog15 Prog16 Prog17 Prog18 Prog20 Prog21 Prog22

After the performances, we had dinner, and then it was time to say good bye to the COF kids. Several kids shed tears while parting. It is amazing to see such strong connections made in just 10 days. Language, color, money, social status are definitely no barriers for LOVE. Both the COF and LOPC folks have been impacted greatly. Please do continue to pray for us.


After the good byes, we are now at Best Western Hotel in Vizag where we have running water and air conditioned rooms. While the comfort level is so much better here, the imprint on our hearts will remain forever……

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