GI Tract Issues, Volunteer Work day and Answered Prayers

by lopc

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Some of the kids and adults have had GI tract issues the last couple of days. Our hosts really toned down the spice levels in the food to cater to us, so we don’t think it is the food. Also, most of us are doing great. We use bottled water to drink and brush our teeth. We suspect it could be the extreme heat and humidity we had couple of days ago.
Today being a Saturday, we left it to the kids to decide if they wanted to work or not. If they felt less than a 100%, we recommended that they take rest. The kids and adults on this mission trip are such troopers.
We had enough volunteers to move ahead with all of our projects, complete some, and even start on new ones like building benches and table in the garden, building a BBQ pit, etc.
Today was overcast and the sun did not come out. While it was still humid, it was a lot better than two days ago, so we were all very thankful to God. We made sure we took longer breaks and stayed hydrated.





We celebrated the birthdays of two girls at COF – Neharika and Divya.


We had the usual VBS in the evening with singing, dancing, story time and crafts.
After dinner, couple of our youth tried on saris that they bought yesterday.


Tomorrow, we dress up to go to Church at 11am.

  • Tess, So proud of you and your team! Worked with several doctors who were born& educated in India. Besides doing God’s work you are learning so much about this country. Praying for u and your team . Aunt Judy

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