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Categories: Youth Ministry

Today was such a fun free day! We started out with the San Diego Zoo! We had a couple hours to explore what is to be considered by some, as the best zoo in America.

After the zoo we headed back to the beach for the afternoon. There were some huge waves and we had a blast even though it was a little chilly and overcast.
After the beach we went to Old Town Mexican Cafe and had some homemade tortillas.

We know at least Gary liked the food!
After the beach we headed back to the housing site for some debrief and affirmations for one another. In the affirmations, we used yarn to show how we are all connected in this experience and we are all connected to God.

We then had our annual Mission Trip Talent Show. We had all kinds of acts like singing and dancing, telling pick up lines, laughing, playing basketball, and the Kaleo interns even jumped in for a dance! It was great!

As we head home, please pray for safe travels and light traffic! Please also pray for our students as they emerge back into their normal routine, that they continue to remember some of the stories and experiences from this trip and allow some of it to shape their life.

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