First work day in India!

by lopc

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This was my attempt at a panoramic picture!

The food here at the orphanage is great!! They toned down the spice levels for us. The kids enjoyed the variety and food that they’re not used to. Here’s our schedule for inquiring minds…..

Just as we were about to start our work day today, the skies opened up and it rained – not the sprinkle we see in CA, but real rain! While our hosts asked us to take shelter, our kids wouldn’t hear of it and started working in spite of the rain. We started work on a sandbox shoveling sand from one end of the play ground to another, helped in the construction of a boundary wall, set up a listening library, painted walls in a room, dug holes for tree house support, etc. Here are some pictures:





After working till 3.30pm, most of us got our much needed showers – even if it was just bucket shower. We then went to hang out with the COF kids and play some games with them….




We celebrated the birthdays of two of our kids. The COF kids shared in the celebration and prayed for the birthday girls…


LOPC conducted Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the COF kids which included songs with motions, Bible story with a skit (these kids love the skits) and lots of glow sticks!!

The day ended with more Indian food for dinner, worship, talk and small groups.


We thank all of you for remembering us in your prayers. We’re having an awesome trip with some amazing experiences.

  • By the time I was half way through your entries my heart was so full I was tearing up, and by the time I read that you didn’t hesitate but went to work in the mud and rain they were flowing freely. The Spirit bears such a strong testimony of your humbly serving in God’s great work. May He bless each one of you to know of His approval, and to feel His encouraging hand on your shoulder every day. Great job LOPC youth and leaders! Thank you for sharing so we at home can be there with you in spirit.

  • This is so great. Thank you for letting us in on your unbelievable experience. Kim’s PaPa and Grama are praying for you all everyday. We love to read about your work and play with the children in India. God Bless you all. Love to you all especially Kimberly. PaPa and Grama love you so much.

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