Final Work Day in San Diego

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

20140626-231210-83530066.jpgToday we had our final work day here in San Diego. We continued serving in the ministries that we started yesterday. The team that packed the kitchen supplies for a refugee family started with a room like below.

They finished the room and it looked like below.

That’s just a small picture of some of the work our students have been doing this week. I have been continuously amazed by our students walking up to people and asking their story, volunteering for the undesirable jobs, encouraging one another, and really engaging in the work that we are doing. They are a truly unique and gifted group of students.

Tonight we had dinner at a Somalian restaurant. It was a little shack with a tiny little sign that looked like a hangout place for people. The food was amazing and our students loved it! Fried chicken, rice, fish, salad and veggies. What’s not to like? It was an amazing experience.

Tomorrow is our free day. We are headed to the zoo in the morning and the beach in the afternoon. Please pray for safety and fun as we celebrate this trip!

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