Final Day – Middle School Mission Trip

by lopc

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The day started with breakfast at Calvary Presbyterian Church where the teams debriefed all that they did this week.  


In the debrief, we talked about reactions to what we did yesterday, the week overall and shared affirmations of each other. 

Above all, we must remember to love our neighbors without judgement or stereotypes. We must serve, and also advocate for justice to be delivered. 

The quote from the assassinated Salvadorian priest Oscar Romero is very telling, “When I fed the poor they called me a saint, when I asked why the poor had no food they called me a Communist”. 

The kids saw Oscar Romero in a couple of the murals yesterday in the mission.

One of the organizations that we worked with this week that does this is, is Alameda County Food Bank. They lobby elected officials to promote and create laws that allow those with less to have access to healthy and adequate food sources.
After the debriefing, the teams went to the Marine Mammal Center.  This was at the introduction:



From there, off to the beach!! 


Some of the high school advisors on the trip: 


All in all, this was a great trip.  The kids had lots of great experiences which will be etched in their hearts forever. We request the readers to pray for all the kids, that their experiences will result in positive outcomes. 

God Bless!

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