Day Three with Kaleo Missions

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Day three was a day filled with stories and connections made. We started out out day hearing from the founder of the organization that we are housed this week, Sheri Briggs. She shared her story about how God told her that she was going to make a place where all people can come to be fed, to have their story heard, to get material things they needed, and to have space to be a community. 10 years later we are staying in a facility where there is food distribution, kids clubs, donations, and meals all year round. She helped us to see how important faith in God is in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.
Our teams then split and worked at the same places as yesterday morning, continuing work.

At our kids clubs we received hugs and big smiling faced kids excited that we were back and we were just as happy to be there again.

Tonight we had some free time, so we played a little keep away and just laughed together.
I think the biggest thing I have been thinking about today has been how blessed we are to have such amazing advisors on the trip. They connect with our students on such an amazing level. They have insight and wisdom that the students are so excited to learn from. They are such a huge part of making this trip what it is. I am so glad they are here.

Please continue to pray for the ministry our students are doing here in San Diego and pray that our students continue to connect and relate it to our lives back home.

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