Day 5 of 5 (Friday, June 24)

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today was a very long day. We did our morning and afternoon service projects and then went to two different VBS sites in large numbers!

After we got back to the Church, we had dinner, worship and senior night, which ended around 11:30 pm. We were allowed to stay up till 1 am to catch up with seniors, wrote care cards to participants, and to just chill with one another. And because of this and the fact that some groups were together, the blog post is going to be a little different today. 

I’m going to write the team reports first and then upload all the pictures together (rather than by team like the previous blog posts). We appreciate your flexibility!

Team 1 report:

They went on a hike to Pinnacles National Park in the morning, did yard work in the afternoon and VBS in the evening. 

Team 2 report:

Same as team 1 🙂

Team 3 report:

They served breakfast and lunch at the shelter which involved helping in cooking, prepping and setting up as well. And then they went to VBS. 

Team 4 report:

They were at a Church doing a lot of painting and then VBS in the evening. 

Team 5 report:

They served at a food bank in the morning, Salvation Army in the afternoon and VBS in the evening. 

Vacation Bible School:

All the teams went to two different VBS sites where we hung out with kids, sang songs, enacted a skit, ate with them, played soccer and had lots of fun!

Worship & Senior night:

Senior nights are always hard and very emotional. It was amazing to see each senior being affirmed by their siblings, advisors and other youth. Our seniors have been role models to the others and will be greatly missed next year. We are all so very blessed to be a part of this wonderful youth group. 

So here are the pictures for ALL teams:

We prayed over the outgoing seniors. 

We do have a work project on day 6 with the ‘Sustainable Salinas Park Project’ during the day and we’re planning on leaving here at 3:30 pm and will arrive in the Church  between 6:15 and 7 pm.