Day 4 – Service Projects and “Tamales & Testimonies”

by lopcyouth

Categories: Youth Ministry

The team continue to serve at various sites with just two days left… 

Alameda County Food Bank: 

Sharing food with the “houseless” in People’s Park: 

One team worked with a summer program for inner city children called the “Village Project” and assisted as they went on a field trip to the Fisherman’s Wharf. 

After the teams served at the various sites, they got together for a very special “Tamales & Testimonies” where students had great food, but also shared their experiences together. All the students agreed that the trip has been fantastic so far, and believe that LOPC should continue to serve in San Francsico and Oakland on mission trips and other mission projects in the future. 

Before the testimony sharing: 

Singing together at the end of a fabulous day: 

Testimony sharing at Oakland First Presbyterian Church to end the day: 

After an awesome Day 4, the team will part ways with Center for Student Missions (CSM), the organization that we partnered with, and will continue to serve in San Francisco, and sleep at Calvary Presbyterian Church. 

Thank you readers, for your prayers, support and love. Please continue to uphold the team as they serve. 

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