Day 4 of 5 (Thursday, June 23)

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today was a normal day with all teams going to two work sites after the morning routine listed in previous blog posts.  Being day 4, some kids (and some advisors as well) are slightly tired with all the work. However, they went through the day without dampening their spirits. 

Team 1 report:

They went to a Church in the morning to paint, prep for lunch, serve lunch, clear debris, etc.  In the afternoon, they worked in a Community Garden


Team 2 report:

They started at the Salvation Army, then went to the shelter to serve lunch and pass out goodies, and ended up at the Community Garden with Team 1 because they finished early. 

Team 3 report:

They went to Pinnacles National Park on a hike in the morning and then went to do yard work in a migrant center and split into two teams to lead vacation bible camps at 2 sites. 

Team 4 report:

They worked in the Community Garden in the morning and Salvation Army in the afternoon. 

Trying to figure out sun dial:

This guy built the community garden we worked at:

Team 5 report:

They went to the shelter to prep and serve breakfast, and then prep for lunch. And then they went to a Church to paint ceilings, windows and walls. 


The food that we’ve been eating on this trip was very well thought of, to accommodate participants’ dietary needs & restrictions, and also a well balanced diet which included the needed nutrients/proteins. The teams were also on dinner prep and clean up on different days. 

Our menu:


Today, Pastor Gully had a sermonette for the participants followed by Communion. 


Fred’s drawing – 

Fred’s picture of Salinas. A church in the middle of the fields helping out, and a highway where people simply drive by and ever stop. 

Sleeping quarters –

These are the sleeping quarters for the trip. The girls had a portion of the gym partitioned for them to sell in. The boys had 3 different rooms where they slept in. Excuse the mess:

Driscoll Strawberries – 

One of the things the participants learned on this trip is the exploitation of the farm laborers by large companies. Click here to know more.

Also flyers will be passed on Saturday July 9th (time to be announced) outside the Lafayette Whole Foods to protest against Driscoll, one of the largest berry producers. All are welcome!

  • Thank you for the wonderful pictures and entries for the week! We really appreciate it knowing the posts are coming after a full day!! Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!