Day 3 of 5 (Wednesday, June 22)

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

Today’s morning format was the same with optional showers, breakfast, lunch prep, personal devotion times, advisor’s meeting, group prayer and departure to work sites.

The afternoon session however, was different. All teams went to the fields to do farm work. After that, we all went to the beach to have fun and have a talent show!

Team 1 report:

They went to Salvation Army in the morning

Team 2 report:

They went to a Church to prep food for lunch, do some painting, work in the Church office, etc. 

Team 3 report:

They served at a food bank in the morning

Team 4 report:

They went to prep and serve breakfast at a shelter 

Team 5 report:

They went to another Church to paint. 

Afternoon Farm work:

All teams went to the same place to work in the fields. It started with a classroom session with the representative from our partner organization who explained about organic farming amongst other things. After that, we were separated into 5 teams and were assigned a farmer per team. The farmers took us to the fields to primarily do weeding, and also some harvesting. Some of the produce was carrots, fennel, strawberries, zucchini, lettuce, etc. 

After the backbreaking work in the fields, we gathered as a large group again to debrief, before heading out to the beach. 

Beach Fun:

The beach was refreshing after working in the fields for few hours. We had pizza on the Monterey Bay beach in Pacific Grove. 

Some participants played football and frisbee while few others dared to venture into the frigid waters!

After the hangout and dinner time at the beach, we gathered in a meadow where we discussed our God Sightings and mission trip quotes. 

Talent Show:

Few of us were brave enough to display our talents – telling jokes, singing a song, etc. 

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After the talent show, we headed back to the base Church where we hung out till lights out at 10:45 pm.