Day 3 – Homelessness Simulation, Food Bank…

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

The whole group went to the SF / Marin Food Bank today to help sort through the food.  


After that, the teams were split into their service groups in a homelessness simulation. Each student was given two dollars lunch money and asked to spend four hours on the streets of San Francisco. The teams pooled their money together to purchase food for themselves, and to share with other people who are really homeless. 

The simulation was for the students to experience what it’s like to have very little money (if any) and to be on the streets for several hours with no agenda or schedule, just walking aimlessly. This brought about empathy, rather than just sympathy when seeing these people on the streets. 
The teams finished the day at Ocean Beach to debrief.  


Our kids continue to learn and experience new things, and appreciate what they have. 

Please continue to uphold them in your prayers. 

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