Day 2 – Food bank, homeless, more walking and praying…

by lopc

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Mission trips don’t necessarily have to be hundreds or thousands of miles away. We’re grateful for the opportunity this year to serve just across the bay. It’s amazing to see how the students are impacted at the stark realities of the homeless and people with low income in Bay Area – so CLOSE to our own homes. 

Students were split in groups and served at different places during the day. 
Sorting and preparing food for families in need at the Alameda County Food Bank: 

Prayerfully walked part of the Golden Gate Bridge, for the city of San Francisco. Also had fun after the prayer walk! 

New experience for some of us: walking through San Francisco, stopping to meet with people who are homeless and actually talk to them to learn their stories.  




After serving at different sites during the day, the teams met together at the shore by Ghirardelli Square to debrief for the day.   

And then had ice cream together 🙂 



We’re reminded of the blessings we have and sometimes take for granted, when we see the people who are homeless on the streets. 

Please pray that our students lives will continue to be impacted. 

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