Day 1 of 5 (Monday, June 20) – warning: long post!

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

The day started with optional showers before 6:30 am and the breakfast prep following that. 

Then we had breakfast and also packed our lunches

There was Personal Devotional time after that, followed by an advisor meeting when the kids just hung out and played some games or wrote affirmations in the envelopes that were provided  

We had the group prayer and departure to work sites 

Team 1 report:

They visited a Food Bank Service Site and the Salvation Army

Team 2 report:

They served prepped, served breakfast at a shelter and then went to a Church to do some painting. 

Team 3 report:

They worked in a Garden and then went off to a Church to paint

Team 4 report:

They started at a Church with some cleaning and organizing, and then went to a shelter to prep and serve lunch. 

Team 5 report:

They started the day with a wonderful hike in Pinnacles National Park which included some cool passage through dark caves. Then they went to do some yard work at a Migrant center and then helped setup and lead Vacation Bible Camp…

End of Day 1:

The teams came back to the base Church where we are staying and some teams (assigned by rotations) took showers,  hung out playing games like Killer Wink, we all had dinner, worship and God Sightings, and we had a farm worker and a school teacher share their experiences as migrants. It was very powerful and we had several follow up questions for the speakers which they patiently responded to.

We’re off to sleep now to get enough rest before 6:45 am wake up the next day 🙂