College Visits + Thanksgiving

by lopc

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Over the past weekend I had a chance to go visit some lopcyouth alums in college nearby. It’s always great to catch up and check out campus life. Plus, I’ve never been to any of these particular colleges before – I love a chance to see new places! The first stop was to see Sam and Renee at CalPoly. Students inevitably change after only a few months of college. Sam decided to attempt some hair growth in honor of No-Shave-November… and also as a surprise for his family when coming home for Thanksgiving. Renee, fortunately, did not attempt the same stunt. But her love of crazy photos is always one of my favorite things.



Then it was on to Westmont where Gabby and Chad go. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of Westmont before moving to California. It’s a great school, although you definitely get a workout walking around – it is set in the hills of Montecito, a beautiful area, but you’re always going uphill or downhill! Chad and I got a chance to walk around State Street and the pier down in Santa Barbara, too. I’m not gonna lie – the opportunity to read and get work done on the beach is super appealing.



After that I spent some time in Santa Monica with some friends who just got engaged before hanging out with Julia at UCSB on my way back to the Bay. I brainfarted and forgot to get a picture with Julia, which means I’m going to post the best picture of her that I have – sadly, my measure of ‘best’ photo is often the same as ‘most entertaining’ photo.


So many students are about to come back home for Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a good holiday, no matter where they spend it! Thanks to everyone who made time in their weekend to catch up and show me around their respective campuses – I enjoyed sharing a little bit of campus life and the opportunity to be amazed by your awesomeness, and I’m always glad to help provide a reprieve from the usual campus dining fare!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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