Church, Hiking & Dining

by lopcyouth

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Today was another beautiful day. We had breakfast at 8 am and didn’t need to get ready for Church till 10.30 am. Service started at 11 am. Some of the kids used the time to do their laundry….

photoWe then boarded the buses to get to the Church. Several of us wore traditional Indian attire. The church was 30 minutes away. Keris Dahlkamp our youth director, shared the word of God. He even managed a prayer in Telugu (the local language) and the congregation applauded the effort. LOPC group sang a few songs during and after the service. We then proceeded to take pictures with the congregation. 





After Church, we went back to COF for lunch and rest. Nick suited up for Church, but is in his flip flops because we had to remove our footwear at Church anyway…

photo (1)Some of the more adventurous folks decided to hike up the hill behind Nick (in the picture above). We had some COF kids guiding us on the trail (or the lack thereof!)

For dinner, we went to a restaurant where we had an entire room to ourselves. We left no youth behind. All of them made it to the restaurant. After eating some delicious Indian food, Rosie and Anand shared the history and future plans of COF. Following that, we had some music and just danced for 15 to 20 minutes. It was fun!







We thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we have three more work days starting tomorrow….

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