Continued Adventures in Vizag

by lopc

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As we enter our second week here in India having had so many wonderful experiences, we recognize how difficult it will be to leave next Sunday. Yesterday we had the chance to attend worship at the local church, and I was greatly honored to have been given the opportunity to preach at the service. Giving a message while leaving room for translation is a completely new experience for me. I spoke about what it means to be a church community and how the church is called to be like a family to people. Afterwards I was flooded with prayer requests by men and woman who wanted to be prayed for. Not fully understanding what they wanted prayer for, I prayed what God put on my heart to pray over them. It was a moving and humbling experience to be there as we worshipped together. Everyone is so full of passion and life.

Today Nate has been given the opportunity to share at a Pastor’s meeting for 30-40 local pastors about growing the church and taking care of their own spiritual needs in the midst of leading others. Some of the pastors have traveled over 2 hours to be here this morning. Anand has asked him to speak for 30 minutes…which means 30 minutes for him and 30 for the translation! As I write this they are all upstairs singing praise songs and praying together. Needless to say we both are being stretched in so many ways and stepping out of our comfort zone.


Every afternoon we go out to the orphanage to play with the children and to work on the Christmas program that we will be hosting this coming Friday. The children are busy learning songs, acting, building sets, and making costumes.

On another note, we have eaten very well thanks to Dharmavadi, the grandmother of one of the children at the orphanage. She was willing to come over to Rosie and Anand’s to help prepare meals while we are here. Nate has been very adventurous with the spicy foods…despite the warnings.


  • Thanks so much! We had a great time while we were there…unfortunately didn’t have time to go many other places during our visit.

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