Brie and Nate are in India

by lopc

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My husband Nate and I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit India on a mission trip. After 21 hours spent on three flights with extended layovers in between, we have arrived in Visakhapatnam on the East coast of the country.

It’s very humid here. Even in the wintertime, we keep the fans running to deal with the mugginess. The sun is a ruby red just before it sets, and the moon glows yellow through the city smog. The streets are bustling with activity, and people of all types weave effortlessly through traffic where buses and motorcycles (some carrying clusters of as many as four people) dodge cows and marketstands on the sides of the sometimes-paved roads. It seems like everyone has someplace to be and yet nowhere really at all. Multilevel buildings in all stages of development spring up between modest huts with thatched roofs and open storefronts. With all the construction, we are reminded what it is truly like in a fast-growing, developing nation.

We will be working with an orphanage while we are here. Children of Faith Ministries houses just over 100 children. We hope to be doing many things with the children including games, arts and crafts, music, and helping them prepare for their Christmas program next week. We also have the opportunity to attend and speak at a Pastor’s conference and church service. We are very excited to have been given this opportunity and are looking forward to all God has in store for us while we are here.

When we were taken to the orphanage today, we were greeted famously by the kids. There were dozens of beaming faces excited to chat us up and get to know us. The older kids know English well, and the younger kids know a few words and phrases they were eager to try on us. They sang for us, and I got to teach them to sing “Sanctuary.” We picked parts for the Christmas pageant, and left the orphanage excited to get to know and work with so many new faces.

A special thanks to Anand and Rosie for taking us in and being our guides. They are extremely faithful and living evidence of how God can use His people in extraordinary ways.

We will be here for the next week working with the children and getting to know the area. Please keep us and the children here in your prayers. God is doing amazing work here!

-Nate & Brie

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