Bay Area Mission Trip – Monday

by Allison Kunz

Categories: Youth Ministry

The team was up bright and early at 6:45am! They had breakfast, packed lunches, and headed out for the day. All three groups got a chance to serve together in the morning at the San Francisco – Marin Food Bank. The team measured and bagged family-sized portions of rice for distribution while sporting some very stylish hair nets! At the end of service, Food Bank staff told the group that they bagged 1890 pounds of food. Wow!


In the afternoon, Team 1 (Michele & Slade’s Team) served with Project Open Hand by making food deliveries to people who are homebound due to illness or age and cannot obtain food for themselves. Teams 2 (Jaime & Chris) and 3 (Keris & Jeremy) participated in an activity called City Search in which each person was given $2 and then challenged to find a way to feed themselves and as many other people on the street at they could with the money. The youth from both teams decided to pool their money. Team 2 purchased bread, peanut butter, and jelly and made sandwiches to pass out to folks on the street. Team 3 purchased KFC chicken, breakfast bars, and apples to eat and pass out. City Search is an eye-opening experience which gives youth a small taste of what it may be like to live on the streets trying to find a way to feed themselves with very little money.

After serving, the teams gathered for dinner at Zen Yai Thai Restaurant then went on a prayer tour of the city.