by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry


Sometimes the things I harp on, like Wal-Mart, prove to be very handy. And while we are in Wapato, Wal-Mart has proven time and again to be a helpful place. They are chock full of mission trip paraphernalia: buckets, gloves, craft items, ping pong balls, food, bubbles and bubble-related toys, sunscreen, tape, cheap soda, etc. (although we were surprised at a lack of capo and guitar picks).

Anyway, it is also a helpful place when a group leader loses his glasses in the Yakima River while rafting (visiting the eyeglass store) in addition to addressing the hunger pangs of a bunch of students (so many snackable items).

So, Wal-Mart, in a few days we go back to being enemies. But for the time being we have a tenuous, but enjoyable, truce.

PS – Wal-Mart, we are curious about ll of the NASCAR related questions on your survey. But it is also kind of awesome.

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