A Proper Return

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

After the quick post the other day I wanted to give a more proper update on how the Middle School Mission Trip went.

Wapato Meditation Fountain

We got back on Sunday around dinner to a parking lot full of eager parents. I always love the last roll-up to the parking lot; it always feels good to return home.

We had a wonderful week and I’m sure a bunch of people will be posting pics to the Facebook accounts. I posted mine last night so feel free to take a look, and if we aren’t Facebook friends yet, then feel free to send a request!

I’m taking a look through the video footage to see if there’s any raw footage entertaining enough to get up on Vimeo and post here, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime I’m starting to edit together the Trip Video for Youth Sunday (August 28th – mark your calendar!). I’m sure that will get posted close to the date of that Sunday as well!

This is the kind of trip that reminds me how amazing people are, especially the leaders who took the time and energy not only to come on the trip, but to lead and work with middle school students. After driving 1,800 miles round trip, leading small group discussions and work groups, and putting up with the flexible nature of these trips, you pretty much have to be a superstar to survive and they were incredible. They were critical to the success of the trip and I can’t say enough good things about them. In just a few weeks we fly out with the high schoolers for their mission trip to New Orleans. High school leaders watch out – the bar for awesomeness has been set high!

Wapato Leaders

And because no Wapato return update is complete without it here’s a song that we couldn’t get enough of on the trip (or had far too much of, depending on who you ask). Waddle Waddle!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1YnoL46Q]