A Hume-orous Weekend

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

This weekend a small group of Middle Schoolers traveled to Hume Lake.

It was an eventful weekend with more snow than we expected plus snowboard runs, tube runs, construction of (followed by sudden and violent destruction of) a cardboard boxsled (see the photo album below), paintball, great music, and a message focused on Romans 12:1. I don’t want to say too much about the message or the weekend for fear of revealing too much before the High Schoolers get to go Feb. 24-26.

I will say that it was a great retreat. We brought home a few cuts, scrapes, and bruises (I mean, when ice is everywhere – including in the so-called snowballs you throw at each other – and you are hurling yourself off of a jump in nothing but cardboard and duct tape there are going to be a few lessons in injury prevention). But we also brought home a wider appreciation of worship, learning how we might live as examples, and how God has really long ladders.

You can view the photos from the trip by clicking on the cover photo below:

There is also a wrap-up video that Hume Lake made for the weekend, but we are waiting to post that one until after the High School Hume Lake Trip at the end of February. Suffice to say it does a better job encapsulating the weekend in 7 minutes than I can do in a blog post.

For the moment that’s all you are going to get. Enjoy the photos and we are looking forward to returning in another month to get the high school version of a great winter camp!

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