10 Reasons to Do 'Food-Free Fest'

by lopc

Categories: Youth Ministry

This Saturday and Sunday (March 9-10) we are partnering with our friends at Temple Isaiah to take part in Food-Free Fest 2013, an event for high school students.

If you have been wondering whether or not to attend this event, here are 10 reasons why it is going to be awesome.

10. We are partnering with Temple Isaiah, which is in the moderate-to-extreme range of awesome.

9. The weekend will count toward service hours you need for school.

8. It is your first opportunity in 2013 to spend to night at Temple Isaiah.

7. The event is led and hosted by members of LAFTY at TA and SPLASH at LOPC. If you didn’t love acronyms before, you will by Sunday afternoon!

6. You get to hang out with awesome people over the course of the event, and you’ll probably meet amazing new people as well. And, well, that’s pretty sweet.

5. Because you have been trying to find a way to be involved with an activity that has an alliterative title.

4. We will have the chance to participate in a bunch of mission and social justice activities.

3. Canned Food Drive competition and awards to follow, including: heaviest item, oldest item, coolest item, and more!

2. Broomball

1. By participating you have the opportunity to effect change not only locally, but globally as well. Funds raised over the weekend go toward World Vision and Mazon.

Facebook event link can be found here.
Forms and details can be found by clicking here.

See you Saturday!

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