We're So Glad You're Here

If you’ve navigated to this page, most likely you’re looking for a brief description of our congregation. There are so many different expressions of the church in the world, and it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your family!

To help you along in understanding who we are, here are few descriptors:

  • Christ-centered – beyond all else, we want to be a church community that is centered on the good news of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow him in the world today.
  • Open and Inclusive – we are a large congregation that tries to embrace people wherever they are on their journey of faith, and respects diversity of thought and opinion.
  • Mission Minded – our church family has, since its founding in 1954, been deeply committed to serving and supporting those in need throughout our region and world.
  • Traditional and Contemporary – In worship, as many other areas, we hold fast to the best of our traditions while also being open to new expressions of faith.
  • Active – one look at our newsletter or weekly program update will reveal a wide range of programs and activities for all ages.

We are also a Presbyterian Church, which is a denomination in the Reformed tradition of the Protestant movement. Whew! That’s a lot to process, but suffice it to say that we are part of a renewal movement in the church which began in the 16th century and is still unfolding. We are part of the global Christian church, in all its diversity, and have members and friends who were raised up in many other Christian traditions.

What most people are looking for in a church community is, well, community! We believe this can be a great place for you to invest yourself and build some great friendships, serve those in need, worship God, grow and develop as a Christ-follower, and care for others.

You are welcome to share this journey of faith with us.

-Peter Whitelock, Head of Staff