Spiritual Practices – God Box

https://youtu.be/TntymJ0jZ3U Create a space where you can put the things that are most precious to you, just between you and God. And if you need someone to pray with you, email Lori at Lori@LOPC.org - she'd love to hear from... READ MORE »

Spiritual Practices – Prayer Flags

https://youtu.be/su0sSpFAcFY When we can see our prayers waving in the wind, we remember that they are lifted up to God. Lori would love to see your prayer flags so that she can be praying with you. Take a picture of your prayer flags, and send it to... READ MORE »

Spiritual Practices – God Sightings

https://youtu.be/qPpOmcbT0fY Sometimes, when you're looking for God, God just shows up. Lori would love to hear where you've seen God this week. Take a picture of a place where you've seen God, and send it to... READ MORE »