Youth Sunday Trip Videos

I love Youth Sunday - although if you asked me why, I might give you a different answer depending on the day. I really enjoy hearing students' perspectives and reflections on their experiences. I love it when they share musical gifts. I like hearing them practice speaking at rehearsal the day before and hearing the subtle changes in pauses as the cadence to the words become more familiar. I am... READ MORE »

Work Days Are Done In Joplin

We are through all the work days here in Joplin! Yesterday it felt like the heat poured on as we worked into the afternoon sun. On the last day groups worked extra hard to finish their respective projects for the week: flooring, painting, leveling a yard with dirt, filling a foundation with rock, building a balcony overhang, and more. In the late afternoon several groups had a chance to visit... READ MORE »

Heat, Hard Work, and Hot Ribs

We are half way through the work days here in Joplin! Temperatures have topped 100 degrees each day we have been here (and we have seen it as high as 110) - it makes tough work even tougher. However, as a lot of veterans from last year's New Orleans trip have commented, we've seen worse humidity; this heat doesn't slap you in the face every time you walk outside. Groups have been working... READ MORE »

Joplin Bound

In a few short days the high school mission trip will depart for Joplin. The group leaves early Sunday morning, July 29th, and we will be working all week. There is a part of me that doesn't know what to expect. I have seen a lot of images of Joplin after the tornado hit on May 22, 2011, a little over a year ago and they are stark images, almost losing their impact because they all start to... READ MORE »