Happy Halloween!

If you are wondering: YES! We will be here on Halloween Night! For all Fuse and YOW students, feel free to come over on the 31st where we will have dinner and activities for the night! Dinner will still start at 5:30pm and we will have fun stuff to do during normal youth group times: 6-7:30pm! And, if you missed the costume contests we had at Fuse, YOW, and BTW over the past week, here are some... READ MORE »

Costume Contests!

The next few days bring the annual Costume Contests for all the students - FUSE (5th & 6th graders), YOW (7th & 8th graders), and BTW (9th-12th graders) - and it is always a thrilling thriller of a competition. This year's categories include, but aren't limited to... Best Overall Most Creative Best Leader Best Newcomer (for all first-time entrants!) Best Attempt (for those that forget... READ MORE »

YOW Costume Contest 2011

It's that time of season again: Halloween! As stated in this weeks episode of "The Office", it is the time of year when we celebrate fear. Kind of a strange thing. But when you add free candy to the mix, everything makes sense. Halloween also means the annual costume contests for YOW and BTW. At YOW on the 26th we had the first set of contests and we'll see the high school competition at BTW in... READ MORE »