Costume Contests on the Way!

Tomorrow at YOW and Sunday at BTW we have costume contests going on for Halloween. I'm not gonna lie, I've been thinking about my costume this year for a couple months, and have been growing out a beard in preparation. However, I only need to keep my mustache for it. Once my 9th grade small group found out about this, the adventure of dyeing the beard was set in motion. So, this past Sunday,... READ MORE »

Color Change

Sometimes there are unintended consequences when you plan something. Tonight at youth group I'll see that happen. I started thinking about my Halloween outfit for youth group a couple months ago, and it required growing out my beard... again. When talking about this with a student he then asked if, before I shaved it, we could dye it. Tonight is that night.Like the leaves of fall, a change in... READ MORE »

Mt. Hermon Youth Skit

That's right! Here it is in all its glory! The youth skit from the Mt. Hermon All-Church Retreat. Let the zings begin! In other news, it has been way too long since facial hair of some kind - mustaches, beards, etc. - has been referenced. Let it be known that the Zach has grown a hefty beard. And if a certain student keeps his word, that beard is undergoing a dye job in a couple weeks. Oh yes,... READ MORE »

Los Gigantes

High school took a little trip out to AT&T Park this past Saturday to see the Giants take on the Milwaukie Brewers. I can only assume the Giants won because we came out to support them; I know what a difference we make when we show up. It was a great day for a game! We even got a chance to see Brian Wilson, Mr. Got Hiiiim, the actual beard to fear, close out the 9th... READ MORE »

Lenten Growth

Lots of people talk about giving something up for Lent, a common practice. And it seems like in recent years a lot of people are giving voice to the idea of adding something, either in place of or in addition to giving something up. I've tried both methods over the years, sometimes trying to do one of each in some years. But this year I went for something a little different. I should note,... READ MORE »