Response to the Violence in Texas


by Lauren Gully

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Dear Members and Friends of LOPC,

Violence is no stranger to our country. In the wake of countless mass shootings at concerts, night clubs, elementary schools, and churches, we have learned that this is an unacceptable new reality. After the massacre at Mother Emmanuel, we learned that churches and other places of worship are not off limits.

Our hearts and prayers are with the members, families, and community affected by yesterday’s shooting at First Baptist of Southerland Springs. Their lives and their church is forever changed.

We are not yet living in the Kingdom of God.

A church is not a building, a church has a heartbeat. It is the people who worship, who lead Sunday School, who sing in the choir, and who serve those in need. The church is the body of Christ in flesh and blood, and we are all connected.

We stand in solidarity with the wounded community in Southerland Spring and are knit together with all other religious people of all traditions who have experienced this kind of violence, and know that it could have been us.

There is grief to be shared.

There is compassion to be felt.

There are domestic violence stories to be told.

There is listening to do.

There are prayers to be said.

There is work to do.

Let us never forget the important work of bringing about the Kingdom of God. We are a distinct community as Christians, we are called to follow the example of Christ who was angered by injustice, cast out demons, told us to love our neighbors, and not to repay evil in kind.

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Rev. Lauren Gully