Dear Friends of LOPC,

What life do you think we have to offer the world around us as followers of Jesus Christ? In his epic prophetic vision we call the book of Revelation, John speaks of a tree in the heavenly city come to earth at the end of all things which will produce fruit in abundance for all people and leaves which heal the nations. Rather than sit back and wait for this type of vision to be made manifest one day, I believe this vision encourages us to take action now in light of what will one day be. Isn’t that the real force of faith in the present day? We choose to heal and restore now in a world that will one day be healed and restored by God.

And so, this Stewardship season, we’re thinking of the gifts we offer – talent, treasure, time – as leaves of a tree that are the for the healing of the nations. In worship we’ll have the opportunity to write on colored leaves what difference we hope to make in the world this year with our offerings of these three gifts, and those brightly colored leaves will be displayed on trees in the front of the sanctuary to remind us during this important season that what we have is enough, what we offer to God will change lives, and what we leave behind that matters most is love and charity.

I commend this brochure to you as a means to become better informed about our ministry this coming year. Prayerfully consider what gifts you and your family want to offer through our shared ministry, and rejoice that you are part of a church family that needs your gifts in order to be faithful in service to the Risen Christ.

Peter Whitelock

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