Who Me? A Steward? – 3/23

by Peter Whitelock

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Who Me? A Steward?

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it.”

-Psalm 24:1

There are many words and phrases that are used extensively in the church, but also in our secular culture. One of those words is “steward,” which is so foundational to Christian faith. The basic idea is that everything we are and everything we have belongs not to us, but to God. It makes sense when we think about it, because as has been widely noted we come into this world with nothing but our skin and that’s also how we leave. Everything we have is on temporary loan. We don’t see hearses pulling U-Haul trailers, do we?

Now lest we think living in light of this truth is a downer, it’s actually quite liberating. The life of a steward is rooted in the realization that God has entrusted (temporarily) many good gifts and resources to us, but we use and deploy them in an accountable relationship. It’s never just about what we want or think best, but what we consider God expects of us in using what we have to both meet our needs and also care for others – particularly those most in need.

Stewardship is about lifestyle – making choices in all aspects of our lives that enable us to live with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude for God’s love and provision. Ultimately stewardship is about our relationships with God, the human community, and God’s abundant creation. It’s easy to feel sometimes that we really don’t have that much to work with, or perhaps that God really doesn’t expect much of us, but a good steward stays focused on what has been entrusted to their care and makes choices understanding that God is the source of it all and calls us to be both wise and generous.

Think about one thing you can do this week to better express your identity as one of God’s stewards!

Grace and peace,