There’s An App For That – 6/5

by Peter Whitelock

Categories: Past Events

It’s simply amazing to me how many smart phone apps we have these days at our disposal. Need to call for a ride, order some food, adjust the temperature at home or sell something? There’s an app for that! How about something for spiritual growth? While we need to acknowledge that the practices and disciplines of spiritual formation do take time and focus, there are some impressive resources to help us along.

One that I’ve found useful is the Daily Prayer PC(USA) app, which resides on my phone. Every day I can access prayers, scripture readings and other resources for personal worship. While I’m not as diligent in using this resource as I would like to be, it’s nice to know that the technology which so often seems to overrun our lives can also help us slow down and go deeper in faith.

Perhaps you’ve already found a resource like this on your own, but if you’re interested in this one, the app can be downloaded for Apple and Android operating systems – search using “Daily Prayer PC(USA).” There is also additional information available at

However we go about it, taking time each day for reflection and study makes all the difference!

Grace and peace,