Something for Nothing – 3/20

by Peter Whitelock

Categories: Past Events

At a recent memorial service for a dear member of our church family, I was struck by a resounding statement of faith offered by the Apostle Paul in Romans 8. He boldly declares that absolutely nothing “…will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” How easy it is for us to wonder about our place in the universe, the significance of our lives, and other weighty matters in ways that can produce in us a sense of insignificance and that we count, ultimately, for nothing. But is that true?

What Paul offers is a profound statement of faith that is both elemental and uplifting. You and I are children of the living God, connected through Christ to the divine presence that is defined by love, and nothing can ever separate us from that reality. In the midst of all life throws at us, as we cast about for sure footing, beneath all is the simple assurance that nothing in this life, or the next, can divide us out from God’s love and care. We matter because we belong, and not to ourselves, but to God.