On Being a Secular Jesus Follower – 1/11

by Peter Whitelock

Categories: Past Events

On Being a Secular Jesus Follower

In a recent blog post the author described why he follows Jesus even though he’s a secular person. It seems there are many people who find the Jesus way beautiful, and reminded me that Jesus invited us to follow him, and learn from him. So what did this blogger find compelling about Jesus? Here’s his list:

1.     I have been inspired to hang out with the “wrong” people, who are not from my tribe.

2.     I have become cognizant of the futility of violence.

3.     I have been persuaded to worry less, trust more.

4.     I have come to see how Jesus can “save” us from trivial self-seeking, from consumerism and the never-satiated need for more, more, more, and from a life that misses the point.

5.     The Jesus way has got me to see that we cannot cast off responsibility for the plights and problems of “other people.”

How do you follow Jesus?