Living Well In Anxious Times – 1/11

by Peter Whitelock

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Living Well In Anxious Times

In the sixth chapter of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus has some strong encouragement to put aside worrying about life and think in larger terms (6:25-34). “Look at the birds,” he tells us, “they neither sow nor reap…and yet your heavenly father feeds them.” “Are you not of more value than they? Can you add a single hour of span to your life by worrying?” Strong words about the futility of living in a constant state of worry, and choosing instead to trust in God.

What we can miss, though, is that this passage starts out with “therefore,” which means the whole logic of it flows from what Jesus said preceding it – “No one can serve two masters…you cannot serve God and wealth.” The first choice we have to make in dealing with worry is what we are going to ultimately seek and serve – wealth or God. We live in a materialistic culture, so our preference is to naturally want to serve both! Jesus knew better. Serving one inevitably leads to worry and anxiety, and serving the other peace and confidence.