Lenten Study – 3/2—4/10

by Devin Crane

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The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion!

“I thought Christians were judgmental…”

So often I come across people who really have no idea what encompasses a moderate Christian view of the Bible, theology, or even current events. I have even heard some of our members claim that when they come across non- Christians they are told: “I have never met a Christian like you,” signaling that the non-Christian experience of our faith is something, shall we say, less than positive. In light our changing national landscape, it is important to think about what we believe, and represent, as Presbyterians in 2017.

This Lent we will be using the book by Martin Thielen to reflect on how “toxic religion dismays…and how to get into the clear about what good religion is and can be.” Thielen reminds us that “Christians need not be sexist, anti-Semitic, literalistic, antievolution, or judgmental; they do, however, need to believe in and embrace Jesus and his message.” What examples of bad religion have you seen or heard of lately? Do you ever define yourself or your faith, by what it is not, or what it is against?

This Lenten series will remind us how “good religion keeps an open mind” and will begin the day after Ash Wednesday. Join us as we study and celebrate the best of our religion, and what it has to offer our community, the country, and the world!

– Pastor Lauren Gully, Mission & Spiritual Formation

The Lenten Study has already begun but you can use the reading schedule below to follow along. If you are still interested in joining a group, please contact becki@LOPC.org. Groups began meeting on 3/2 and will continue through 4/10 on various dates and times. The book we are reading for the study, The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion, is still available for sale in the Ministry Center during the week.


Reading Schedule

1. The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion, but Good Religion.

  • Read Introduction to parts 1, 2 & 3 – Chapters 6 & 7

2. The Answer to Judgment is Love

  • Read Chapters 1, 9 and 10

3. The Answer to Negativity is Hope

  • Read Chapters 2, 11, 13 and 16

4. The Answer to Arrogance is Openness

  • Read Chapters 3 and 14

5. The Answer to Division is Community

  • Read Chapters 4, 12 and 15

6. The Answer to Passivity is Passion

  • Read Chapters 5, 8 and 17