Interfaith Response to the New Zealand attack—3/22, 3/26

by Devin Crane

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A word from Pastor Lauren Gully

Every week in worship we pass the peace to one another saying: “The peace of Christ be with you.” When we do this, we are not only extending the peace that we feel in the moment, if any at all, but we are passing the peace that we know Christ gives us and with which he directed the world.

Our Muslim brothers and sisters do something similar. There is a traditional greeting that I’ve been taught by my Muslim friends: “As-Sallam Alaikum” which means “peace be upon you.” Knowing that our Muslim neighbors all over the world use this greeting that is so similar to what we as Christians say in worship uncovers our common hope for ourselves and for our world.

To say that Christians must condemn the actions of violence against our Muslim brothers and sisters is an incredible understatement. Instead, we must rise up and direct the world in a new way towards peace alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters, and say to the world with our words and actions “peace be with you.”

We’re lucky that LOPC has such strong interfaith relationships that we can call upon on times like these to remind our Muslim neighbors that we stand in solidarity against violence with them. This Friday at 1pm you can join our interfaith friends at Walnut Creek Islamic Center, 2449 Buena Vista Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94597, for a vigil in response to the New Zealand attacks.

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If you cannot attend, please consider getting involved in our interfaith ministry so that we can continue to strengthen our interfaith partnerships in our community. Our next major event is an N2N Interfaith Passover Seder at Temple Isaiah on Tuesday March 26th at 7pm in the Social Hall. Please RSVP at