My Pledge

by Ashley

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My Pledge.

Pray. Discern. Pledge

Some say that the word ‘pledge’ has become outdated. When was the last time you used it? It seems so formal, doesn’t it? And yet, we make pledges all the time – to our coworkers, significant others, family members, financial institutions and country. A pledge is simply a formal commitment to do something, and we make them all the time.

Each year we ask you to consider a pledge, at whatever level you feel appropriate, to support the work and ministry of LOPC. Everything you love about our church is made possible by your gifts. Your pledge is a tangible way to say, I believe in the great work we can do together. It is a way to affirm our essential connection as a family.

More importantly, pledging is a spiritual practice. Yes, it’s really true, a pledge is not a monthly bill, or dues payment, or subscription cost. Your pledge is an opportunity, before the coming year starts, to reflect with gratitude on what God has entrusted to you, and set aside a portion to build up. His church is an effective witness to the love and justice of Jesus Christ. What you pledge should be significant, reflect the importance of faith, and model generosity of spirit.

I want to thank you for all the gifts you have deployed in service to others through LOPC. Every pledge offered in love is important and builds our ministry. Please take a moment to reflect on the material offered in this brochure, consider your own response, and join us on Sunday, November 5th for Giving Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

Peter Whitelock

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