Everyone For Themselves? – 6/17

by Peter Whitelock

Categories: Past Events

I ran across an interesting report recently which stated that according to a recent survey, 65% of Americans now believe the official mood of the country is “everyone for themselves.” Apparently respondents believe this in equal measure regardless of political persuasion. Sad to say, but only 15% judged the mood more positively as “We’re all in it together.” I found some solace in the fact that at least 20% are undecided on the matter!

Judging the mood of the country can be, of course, rather tricky business, but it reminded me that the message of Jesus continually calls us to communitarian values. He summed up the law as loving God and neighbor, and emphasized that our neighbor is simply that person who needs someone to be a good neighbor to them. The divine view he purposed to enlighten us with involves embracing a vision that we are all children of God, and human flourishing is God’s will for everyone. We can choose, or not, to be instruments of that vision.

Of course we can’t paper over legitimate political differences and concerns over the best path to pursue as a nation, but hopefully we can all agree that we are, indeed, “in it together.”

Grace and Peace,