Your Currency of Relationship – 1/26

by Peter Whitelock

Categories: Past Events

We just had a marvelous leadership retreat at LOPC with Eric Law, who directs the fine work of the Kaleidoscope Institute in Los Angeles. One of the things that Eric invited us to think about are the various “currencies” of exchange that are in use in the church, and one of them is relationship. It is interesting to think about how we budget, manage and shepherd our resources to develop healthy relationships in life. How would you evaluate your own efforts in this regard?

Eric provides some helpful guidelines to assist us in this important task:

1.     Create OPPORTUNITIES for formal and informal conversations.

2.     Strengthen relationships by PAYING ATTENTION to the person.

3.     BE CURIOUS and discover another person’s self-interest by listening without judging.

4.     Help the person express their self-interest by asking CLARIFYING QUESTIONS.

5.     Let the person know you have been listening by giving FEEDBACK.

6.     GATHER information.

Just think for a moment about how your relationships can be strengthened and encouraged through following these guidelines. People will know that you have a genuine interest in them, are willing to seek understanding before being understood, and want to know who they are personally. In our fast-paced culture, taking the time to really engage people around us is a rare thing, and contributes so much to our having vital relationships.

Grace and Peace,