Christmas Giving Opportunities


by Robin Freeberg

Categories: Past Events, Special Events

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. For most of us it is a chance to spend time together and enjoy home cooked meals, good conversation and relax. For those struggling with making ends meet, the holidays are a time of increased stress. It is difficult to think of buying gifts while struggling to pay rent, fill a car with gas and put food on the table. As a community LOPC has always been generous during this time of year. This year there will be three opportunities to GIVE.

The Alternative Gift Market will return with opportunities to support people all over the world as well as opportunities to help some of LOPC’s partners fund specific projects. Look for the gift market in the Chapel Narthex on Dec. 3th and 10th. Click here to see the Alternative Gift Market’s gift registry.

MCC Food Boxes is in its fourth year at LOPC. What was once an Adopt- A- Child program has transformed into a food program due to the ever increasing demand for food in the Monument Corridor. The food boxes allow families in the Monument Corridor to celebrate the holidays. Pick up a flyer listing the items required and a box on the plaza Nov. 26th & Dec. 3th return all filled boxes on Dec. 10 and place in truck parked in front of the Oak room. You can also find the required items list by clicking here.

Harbor House Adopt-A- Child supports low income children that reside in the San Antonio district of Oakland. The gift collection program provides Harbor House with gifts for their on-site store which provides parents the joy of choosing a gift for their own children during the holidays. Look for a table on the plaza Nov. 26th, Dec. 3th or 10th. Return your UNWRAPPED gift to LOPC by Dec. 10th. Here’s the wishlist!