Summer Mission & Special Events

Special Events

2018-19 High School Events

  • Houseboat Retreat, September 7-9 (REGISTER NOW)
  • BTW Kickoff, September 16
  • Parent Social, September 23
  • Mt. Hermon Retreat, October 5-7
  • Photo Hunt, October 14
  • Progressive Brinner, December 16
  • Alumni Dinner, December 21
  • All-Nighter, February 8-9
  • Confirmation Milestone, March 10
  • Senior Night & Last BTW, March 24
  • Senior Blessing Milestone, June 9

2018-19 Middle School Events

  • YOW Kickoff & Parent Social, September 19
  • Mt. Hermon Retreat, October 5-7
  • Mediocre Talent Show, December 19
  • Affirmations Milestone, January 27
  • All-Nighter, March 15-16
  • Water Games & Final YOW, March 27

Summer Mission Experiences

Short-term mission experiences can have a big impact. Youth in 5th-12th grade who choose to spend a week of their summer vacation dedicated to service will:

  • Discover where God is already at work in communities in need
  • Act as the hands and feet of Christ to share God’s love with the world
  • Learn that those who seem different are not very different at all
  • Practice putting others’ needs above their own desires
  • Lean on God to realize their ability to overcome new challenges




Youth who have completed 5th or 6th grade in June will serve for a couple hours each day with a local (East Bay) mission partner, then returning to debrief and reflect on their experience. Youth will become acquainted with the many ways in which we can share God’s love even within our own community! Our dream is that this week will inspire youth for a life of serving and loving others. Service may include food sorting and packing, yardwork, visiting the elderly and home-bound, running programs for children living in a shelter, and more!

When: June 10-14, 2019 @ 1-4PM (2-5PM Friday)

Where: Local mission partners in the East Bay Area

Cost: TBD

Get More Info: E-mail with questions!

How to Register: TBD


Youth who have completed 7th or 8th grade in June will spend a week serving the people of Los Angeles. Service may include participating in food justice programs, spending time with the elderly and infirm, serving food to people experiencing homelessness, providing care for children in need, and more!

When: June 23-28, 2019

Where: Los Angeles

Cost: TBD

Get More Info: E-mail with questions!

How to Register: TBD


Youth who have completed 9th-12th grade in June will serve the people of Salinas. We will discover God at work as we assist with food distribution programs for people experiencing homelessness and work among the migrant farm worker community.

When: TBD

Where: Salinas, CA

Cost: TBD

Get More Info: E-mail with questions!

How to Register: TBD