The mission of Youth Ministries is to support the spiritual development of LOPC’s youth, to build community, and provide ongoing support to families.


Grateful: A Youth Event
LOPC Parking Lot on Sunday, November 15th
For YOW & BTW Youth
YOW at 1-2:15pm & BTW at 3:45-5pm
Register for YOW & BTW HERE
Youth will gather socially distanced and outdoors to enjoy fall- & gratitude- themed activities while connecting with God and each other.

Family Advent Retreat
LOPC Plaza on Sunday, December 6th
For Families with Youth or Children
Families will gather in person on LOPC’s campus for a time of Advent reflection. Registration opens mid-November to reserve your family’s socially distanced space for this special 45-minute interactive program, time TBA, crafted for youth and children of all ages.

Hope: A Youth Event
LOPC Parking Lot on Sunday, December 13th
For YOW & BTW Youth
YOW at 1-2:15pm & BTW at 3:45-5pm
Register for YOW & BTW HERE
Youth will gather socially distanced and outdoors to enjoy Christmas-themed activities & discussions while connecting with God and each other.

One-on-One Chats with Youth Directors Keris & Allison
As the quarantine continues, youth are lacking opportunities for person-to-person connections. That’s why we created a sign-up for one-on-one chats! Have some fun and stay connected to the LOPC youth community as you chat on Zoom with one of our Youth Directors. Keris and Allison have experience and training in pastoral care and would love to check in with youth in this way. Youth can come with a specific topic in mind or just enjoy a casual chat. Sign up HERE.


We recognize that we are living in unprecedented times, and our team has created and recommended a number of resources to help you during this season. Some of our offerings have included: youth Zoom calls, one on one phone call check ins, cards, socially distanced gatherings.

  • COVID-19: Resources for ParentsThe team has been creating and compiling resources for parents during this uncertain time. Items include videos on topics like “Talking with Children about Death” and recommendations for books to help children articulate their feelings. *last updated 10 April 2020*
  • Community Life Zoom Groups. The Community Life team has created a number of ongoing Zoom groups, including parent support groups, to help gather community in this uncertain time.

We accomplish our mission in part by providing a safe and supportive environment for youth to gather and exchange ideas, explore their faith, and practice what it means to live as a follower of Christ. Each youth program is designed to encourage and challenge youth to grow in relationship with God, as people, in active concern for others. We welcome everyone who comes with a safe place to call home.

Youth ministries assist youth to discover their unique identity, passions, and gifts. We believe youth are each capable of significant contributions to their communities. Youth are encouraged to contribute by participating in service-learning opportunities, student leadership programs, and leading the intergenerational Church community alongside adult leaders in a variety of ways according to their unique gifts.

Our programs also connect youth with adult volunteers and older student advisers who care deeply about them. These advisers seek to know, value, affirm, and love youth with the love of God.

At LOPC, youth matter.

God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. –  Isaiah 40:29-31