Summer Testimonies – 2017

Our children and youth experienced God in some amazing ways this summer. We filmed short interviews with participants from Vacation Bible Camp, Service Squad, the Middle School Mission Trip to Austin, and the High School Mission Trip to India to hear their stories about their experiences.

A Message from the Children and Youth of LOPC

Vacation Bible Camp – Elementary School

Vacation Bible Camp Summary

Emily, Pre-Kindergarten

Hennessey, 2nd Grade

Kate, 3rd Grade


Service Squad – 5th & 6th Grade

Service Squad Summary

Claire, 5th Grade

Jonathan, 6th Grade

Julianne, 5th Grade

Sean, Advisor


Austin Mission Trip – Middle School

Austin Mission Trip Summary

Addison, 6th Grade

Amy, 8th Grade

Grace, 6th Grade


India Mission Trip – High School

India Mission Trip Summary

Carolyn, Advisor

Olivia, 11th Grade

Sami, 9th Grade

Slade, 9th Grade

Sofia, 9th Grade

Will, 11th Grade