Resources to Lead Spiritual Formation

The term ‘Spiritual Formation’ is difficult to define. People describe ‘Spiritual Formation’ differently because we experience our connection to God in different ways. The heart of Spiritual Formation is about deepening your connection to God, who reaches out to us in love and grace.

Spiritual formation can happen in many different contexts: worship, theological reflection (wondering who God is), prayer, meditation, retreats, discernment, music, intentional listening, service, Bible study and more.

No matter what variety of Spiritual Formation you make a part of your life, when you take even a moment to become aware of where God might be at work right then and there, you connect with God. Our connection with God is how we experience life in all of its abundance and how we are continually transformed by experiencing God’s love and God’s grace!


Why do we engage in spiritual formation during meetings?

What does spiritual formation in a ministry team meeting look like?

How can or do I decide what scripture to use if I wanted to use it?

What if my team members are shy and reluctant to share?

I'm not very good at this sort of thing - where and how do I begin?

Where can I find additional resources?