Spiritual Formation

What is Spiritual Formation anyway???

If you have ever found yourself asking this question, you are not alone. Recently I asked the members of our Spiritual Formation team to come up with one word to describe this ministry and just about everyone came up with a different word!

People shared words like: awareness, centering, foundation, growth, and journey.

The term ‘Spiritual Formation’ is difficult to define. People describe ‘Spiritual Formation’ differently because we experience our connection to God in different ways.

The heart of Spiritual Formation is about deepening your connection to God and here is the secret about Spiritual Formation: you are most likely already doing it!

There are little moments that we try to build into our day to pause and really experience something. A mother might gather her children up before heading out the door in the morning for a 30 second group hug. Someone might have a practice of walking early in the morning to take in some silence before the start of a busy day. As a congregation we take a deep breath before each service to help us to slow down and pay attention to God.

Other programs like Companions and Lenten Studies help people to deepen their faith through spiritual practices and study in small group environments. Even Mission and service are forms of Spiritual Formation when we spend time reflecting on what we have experienced and how the person and work of Christ helps us to translate our experience.

No matter what variety of Spiritual Formation you make apart of your life, when you take even a moment to become aware of where God might be at work right then and there, you connect with God. Our connection with God is how we experience life in all of its abundance and how we are continually transformed!