Children’s Choirs

Registration for the 2019-2020 season of Children’s Choirs is open now! Please click here to register your child using our online form.

Children’s Choirs Philosophy
Worship is the central act of the community in the Christian church. As a part of that community, the Children’s Choirs act as leaders in our worship life. All of our Children’s Choirs sing in worship services throughout the year, including on Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday. Choir rehearsals are most productive and enjoyable when all of the children are present blending their voices into a unified whole to praise God. All three choirs teach Solfège, perform from memory, and are designed for a particular age group. Our three different choirs reach children at their specific developmental stage:

Sunbeams – For children 3–5 years old.
The developmental question of this stage is, “Can I do it?” In Sunbeams, children learn to use their vocal instrument, experience rhythm, and creatively express themselves in song. Sunbeams is designed for children who are ready to independently participate in group activities without the assistance of an adult. Because Sunbeams as an introduction to choral leadership, their rehearsal season is shorter than the other choirs, and they sing in fewer services in order to give them a more concentrated experience.

Lightshine – For children in Kindergarten–2nd Grade.
The chief developmental concern for kids at this age is, “Is this worth doing?” In Lightshine, children learn about pitch, rhythm, diction, conducting, and understanding the lyrics of songs. Members of Lightshine begin to discover how God’s Word speaks through music, and their leadership in worship reflects this emerging knowledge.

Psalmsters – For children in 3rd Grade and up.
Kids and youth at this stage start asking, “Do I matter?” Psalmsters builds on the lessons of the previous choirs to show them that their leadership in worship does, in fact, matter. Children learn how to sing in harmony and continue to strengthen their pitch, rhythm, and diction. Psalmsters sing more advanced choral anthems and become musical leaders for the younger singers when all three choirs combine for one worship service in the Spring, and their leadership schedule is more consistent.

Children’s Choir 2019-2020 Important Dates
Rehearsals for Friday Sunbeams begin Friday, October 18th at 8:30 am.
Rehearsals for Sunday Sunbeams begin Sunday, October 20th, at 10:10 am.
Worship dates: 12/8 (11 am); 12/24 (3:00 pm); 4/5 (11 am)

Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 8th at 10:10 am.
Worship dates: 10/27 (9 am and 11 am); 12/8 (9 am); 12/24 (3:00 pm); 3/8 (9 am and 11 am); 4/5 (9 am and 11 am); 5/3 (9 am and 11 am)

Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 8th at 10:10 am.
Worship dates: 9/29 (9 am and 11 am); 11/10 (9 am and 11 am); 12/15 (9 am and 11 am); 12/24 (4:30 pm); 2/9 (9 am and 11 am); 4/5 (9 am and 11 am); 5/3 (9 am and 11 am)

For more information, please contact Coordinator Jessica Whitlatch at